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AGAPE Selfless Unconditional Love Inc.

“Selfless, Unconditional Love. Agape also means love feast”
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AGAPE Vision

Our Vision

To create a cycle of joyful giving among the sponsors, volunteers, and marginalized

Our Mission

Bringing Smiles to Miles

Metamorphosize the abandoned, neglected and marginalized children in reaching their dreams

Instill joy in the heart of every philanthropist, sponsor and volunteer as they share their love and life

Lend a supporting hand to various shelters as they provide, support and sustain the needs of every child

Embody a community of joyful givers where generosity, mutual respect and love prevail

AGAPE Mission - MILE

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{The old lady that was assigned to me just couldn’t let go off my hands and kept on kissing me. She seemed to really misses her family and really wanted that love and attention that we’re giving her and others. It did affected and in some point had shed some tears. I didn’t realized how a simple gesture could lift someone’s spirit that made her happy. It was hard for me to say goodbye to her. But somehow, I came home happy and fulfilled because I knew that I did something good and had made someone happy. I continue helping them even in a small way because I believe in giving back the joy, blessings and love to the people in the community by joining AGAPE in their outreach programs. By spreading love, I also feel happy doing volunteering and making a difference to a lot of people. Through them, I also realized how blessed and fortunate I am for having my family and enjoying good life that god had bestowed on us. I started to count my blessings instead of complaining what’s lacking in my life. All in all, agape had made me a better person.{
Sarah Ty
{I came to know AGAPE through my FEB-IB16 (LLR Batch 16) family. Before I left the Philippines in 2016, I was able to join my batch and we visited Anawim(insert what is anawim, is it a cave?) . It was a dream come true. Elderly people holds a special place in my heart since I worked in the medical field. The experience I had, serving and spending time with the lolos and lolas, was life- changing for me. Their genuine smiles, warm hugs, and presence taught me what God’s love is. It was heartbreaking to know the fact that they were abandoned but on the other hand, it was inspiring to see all the volunteers who are serving wholeheartedly and loving them unconditionally. In 2017, a post from AGAPE page caught my attention which stated that they need some donations for their next outreach program. I was already in New Zealand during that time but I really wanted to volunteer even if I can’t be physically present so I decided to be a sponsor. Being able to share my blessings in my own simple way changed me into a better person. It opened up my heart to be more sensitive with other people’s needs and it taught me to always have a grateful heart. All the people behind the works of AGAPE continue to inspire me to be a better person especially every time I see the big love they’re giving and the smiles from the people they’re helping. It’s all worth it.{
Maricor Marcelino
{Being as a volunteer member of agape the experience was amazing you get to help other people who need special attentions. Agape is not just an organization but a family who enlighten how lucky and blessed you’re in this world that we had the capacity to help and share love and joy to people who needs more attention. Yesterday we’ve been in Jeremiah Foundation to share God’s love and for the ladies to feel that they are not alone in this journey. We had an activity wherein they will appreciate how wonderful life would be and how important they are in this world. One thing for sure the experience was worth it and awesome because I felt God’s Holy Spirit being there with us serving other people. God made us to be the instrument of God’s love and grace. We all have a mission in life and maybe one of your mission is to join us and be part of AGAPE.{
Rana Angue
{Attending and Serving with Ree at this Birthday for a cause was Amazing! I realized how blessed I am and for what I have. It also taught me how to Be generous without expecting anything in return. Indeed, “The more you give, the more you receive". I received more blessings and love through my friends every time I give.{
Angie Misolas
Accounting Staff
{Definitely one of my favorite memories this year Why? Because I got the chance to help kids even though it is just for one day. A day where I got to see kids smiling, giving free hugs and unlimited thank you-s. You can feel the overflowing love and happiness even though it is a simple gathering. Also, it's a reminder for me not to take things for granted. Made me think that there are more serious situations than not going to a concert, not buying this shoes or whatsoever. Made feel that happiness can be seen in simple things.{
Chay Villacorta
{Ree is one of the hardworking organizers of outreach activities in the LoveLife Batch 16. The outreach to Anawim Lay Missions foundation last 17th of September 2016 lead by her was organized, on schedule, properly communicated, attracted a number of participants and especially the objective of enjoyment and fellowship with the elders were achieved. The logistics for the food, donations and transportation of participants were properly delegated to point persons ahead of time. In addition, the program set for the elders were spontaneous and alive. Moreover, updates were consistently posted and communicated which rendered smooth decision-making along the way and attracted more participants for the activity as well. In the main, the batch had a great time spent with the elders and this activity was one of unforgettable experiences I had.{
Doona Juliano