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A little BIT of COINS for a CAUSE

Time has been changing and currency is no exception in evolving.  Fintech (Financial technology) has laid changes in the way currency work.  This gave to the birth of cryptocurrency.  

 One of Bitcoins (Cryptocurrency) key features is its: 

  1. Transparency
  2. Audit trail 
  3. Perception value (driven by speculative interest)
  4. Has started to be accepted to be a medium of payment
  5. The Satoshi 1/100,000,000

Why it would be a good means to donate?

It has the all the feature of a currency except it has not been a generally accepted medium of exchange yet. As different economy, Businesses and other institutions are is now starting to include Bitcon as a mode of payment this will reach a certain degree of status.  As its Transparency and audit trail it is close to impossible to be a subject of fraud.  This means if a donor would donate, he can be assured amount would go to the proper channel. This is also a reminder beneficiary 

Bitcoin is “Borderless” and only subject to a minimal transaction fee. Meaning anyone In the world can participate for a good cause. 

Since the value of a bitcoin is in the nature of speculative interest meaning it may go high or low but nonetheless.  Still of value. It will always be appreciated by the beneficiary. As acceptance is growing stability of the perceived value is growing.

The Satoshi effect. Since the Bitcoin has a fraction of 100,000,000 is to A Bitcoin. This means anyone who utilizes bitcoin that would like to contribute to a Good cause can do so in their own little Small way. The divisibility gives everyone the opportunity to cooperate. 

Lastly, Cryptocurrency helps anonymity of some donors virtue. Exemplifies that there is no need for the cameras in helping others. A help that is given whole heart however small is a help that goes along way.