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AGAPE – Cryptocurrency

The introduction of cryptocurrency possess a diverse avenue in accomplishing financial transactions over the internet. From the immersion of Bitcoin, another cryptocurrency trailed in the likes of Namecoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin. These modes of digital financing allowed every consumer to manage finances at their convenience. Furthermore, this system eliminates the hassle of waiting in a long line compared to when this transaction is done over the bank. Another advantage of cryptocurrency is its nature of being decentralized. The freedom of a crypto holder from any bank charges is removed thereby making one’s cryptocurrency at its maximum potential. But these benefits also bring out other challenges. One is the digital security of every cryptocurrency holder that needs to be in place. This results in a digital wallet meeting the minimum-security standard and enabling it to deter others from stealing their coins.

 We can list immense details of the pros and cons when embracing cryptocurrency, may it be a simple purchase, a transfer transaction, or even a donation. But in the real world, where people are regarded as haves and have-nots, such evaluations may be impactful only to a handful, such as to a data engineer, but for children who are in dire need, the relevance of these descriptions is outside the realms of their interests.

 If this is the case, the only concern that requires much of our attention is how to help these children who are in need by using the supremacy of cryptocurrency in digital financing. The underlying questions that require answers are – How to donate cryptocurrency using a digital wallet? How to give cryptocurrency donations? What are the platforms that can be used to help others using cryptocurrency? These are the most relevant that will affect tremendously the well-being of children who are in need.

 AGAPE Selfless Unconditional Love Inc. is a non-government organization whose goal is to reach out to the abandoned and marginalized kids in different shelters in the Philippines. Our thrust is simply to offer kids a better future. We are convinced that we can transform our nation by helping one child at a time. Through our consensus effort, we can move the needle of have-nots and elevates them to a place where hope is evident amidst the prevalence of pandemics. Here in AGAPE, our hands are wide open for charity and ready to accept cryptocurrency.

 Provide a smile to the marginalized kids by using our cryptocurrency donation platform. Together we can make one step ahead in building a better and brighter future for the lacking kids.

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