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AGAPE: My Answered Prayer by Love Regina

I have been fond of writing ever since I was young, and when one of my teachers told me that I have an excellent script, I focused more on my writings. I started and collecting my poems and short stories. I dreamt and dreaded the nights like the other known authors for my collections. However, it did not come to me that this will bring me to a greater perspective of being a writer, or should I say that being a writer would probably stay inside of me for the rest of my life, and forever inspiring others with my works. I thought I was only after writing. But then now, I am seeking for what truly matters, and it is all about the people whom I affect lives because of my works.

I have been working as a content writer and as a teacher. As a writer, I continue to explore more of what is offered to me in this field. I have worked with different people and companies, but what strikes me the most is working for AGAPE as part of the marketing team. I know that for an organization to be known, it should be advertised and marketed well to reach its target audience to spread its mission, but it is not just about that, and working here is such a privilege. I have had dreamt of doing charitable works because I grew up in a family where generosity and affection for other people, especially the needy ones, are overwhelming. I remember the time when my parents, together with my sister would visit Boy’s Town to donate our used clothes and toys. It has been a family’s tradition every year to give back to the kids and older people, after all God has blessed us with. 

God keeps blessing everyone in many different ways. Also, He sends the right people to help those who are less fortunate. God has answers to everything, from all the prayers to all our hearts’ desires. He could hear even the words of the most silent warriors on their battles. And I guess God heard me this time. 

I was not only longing for writing. I know deep in my heart that I want to get involved, make a difference, do something out of my comfort zone and share more of what I have, and then AGAPE comes my way…

When I came across AGAPE on the internet, I got curious and started browsing about them.  Never have I realized that this is the opportunity that I have been waiting for, and I guess this is the start of that dream. 

Serving AGAPE has taught me more than writing for the organization. It helped me realized how much work must be done to come up with meaningful and creative outputs, which would entail you getting involved more in what AGAPE is about. Working with my team has been a breeze, especially with the guidance of the superior members like Boost, Azriel, and Michelle. It does not feel like work at all, because I feel acceptance and respect in the team. More than that, the teamwork has been immense that no one is left behind. Never have I felt burdened on what I have to accomplish for a task. It is just that everyone’s got your back.  

One of my most meaningful experiences as a writer is to be part of AGAPE. Other than what the mind can comprehend, this experience touches my very soul, asking me to give what else I can share to those who need it the most. It even makes me closer to the life that some Filipinos such as the kids of today are facing. It is a reality that not many of us will be strong enough to witness. AGAPE’s mission is to reach out to these people and make them feel loved and needed regardless of what they can bring to the community. They are accepted for who they are and not for what they lack. 

AGAPE is about love, compassion, hope, sincerity, and commitment. From conducting seminars and workshops for the kids and parents to enjoy and be informed, it has been educating many people all over the world for this mission. Also, a book was released by AGAPE entitled “In the Beginning,” which was designed and created for kids aged 4-6 years old. 

AGAPE has committed itself to service and dedication, and because of this, we all came out as “ONE,” one in mind and spirit. And we want to continue spreading the mission and to look for the right people with the same mission to help us out, where in my case, it is truly an answered prayer for me. 

Mother Teresa once said, “Love cannot remain by itself- it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.”