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AGAPE’s Website Renewal Granted Plus Getting Real For a Better Climate

Good news, everyone!

AGAPE has been granted to renew its website contract after ten years and this simply means that more opportunities await us!

Ever since, our website enable us to spread our mission to other people especially to parents, children, sponsors and volunteers who became our partners for a lifetime. 

Because of this mission, we all go hand in hand in fulfilling our goals to the less fortunate children who need our love, guidance, and support the most.

The pandemic did not stop us from reaching our goal, but instead it opened many doors to AGAPE. 

Right now, AGAPE tries to go climate positive. Read below to know more about it.

AGAPE’s Website Renewal Granted Plus Getting Real For a Better Climate

AGAPE as Climate Positive:

It is proud to say that our organization does not only focus on the well-being of the children in the shelters, but it also gives back to nature by being climate positive. 

What is Climate Positive?

Because of the increasing carbon emissions, most companies like Microsoft and Ikea have decided to promote “climate positive.” Here, companies significantly reduce their consumption of carbon in their systems, which benefits the environment. Click here to know more about carbon emissions. 

How does AGAPE contribute in Climate Positive?

We also take little steps to totally eliminate carbon footprints in our company.

  1. Using Energy Wisely 

In this pandemic, we take advantage to conserve energy as much as possible in our homes by limiting the use of electricity when not needed. We do this by scheduling seminars, meetings and interviews. This benefits us more than anything, and it serves as a good start for a climate positive. 

  1. Learning to Recycle 

We accept different donations from our sponsors, and this includes toys, books or clothes that are still in good condition and can still be used by the children. With this, we help in the emission of carbon in our environment without producing new products or using toxic materials. 

  1. Getting Smart in Using the Website or Internet

Carbon is also emitted whenever one does tasks in the Internet or for us, our website. Here in AGAPE, we organize our system based on what we need. We make sure that we optimize everything to avoid unnecessary information posted in the website. 

Those are just some steps we are already practicing in our organization, and we may find more ways to be more climate positive. 

AGAPE promotes not only healthy relationships for children, but also thinks for the good of our environment. 

Let us go hand in hand and continue this mission!