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Ano nga ba ang mensahe ng “Community Pantry”?

What is the message of the community Pantry? What’s the philosophy behind? Why the sudden sprout of these endeared efforts yet castigated by some. How does it affect my creed to serve?  

Let me answer this with the heart of a servant who has answered a calling.

There is great unemployment in the world and the Philippines is not exempted.  We have reach a level where there is a clear realization of Individuals that government has failing resources and could not extend help even as its mandate requires it.   A feeling of hopelessness is starting surface to many a degrading Mental Health issues.  In the midst of this challenging times a person heed the call.  A person from Maginhawa started a simple table and few humble goods with a tag line “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, Kumuha batay sa Pangangailangan” then community pantry was born.  Fast forward, Like a mushroom in a moist environment. It sprouted. It was the push that needed to trigger those individuals from all walks of life to act. Those people who was willing and ready to help but did not how to… 

What are the things we can deduct?

  1. Anyone can help through a little act of kindness and humble efforts. 
  2. There are realities that cannot be ignored
  3. The only way to weather the storm is act and help each other out.   

The “Bayahinan spirit” seeded and sprouted in of a sea of restlessness created by the pandemic.  As an old saying says.  The best way to help myself is to help others. The Bayahihan spirit is a Force that cannot be ignored. It has different depths and in one occasion a diplomat from the embassy of Germany  donation to the Maginhawa site.

Meaning Benevolence resonates…

You can never please everybody. In spite of these warm hearted people  they are red tag as leftist. This is to the detriment of the Community pantry. It is a fact that some are in great distress that many of those who want benefit  from the community pantry may have disregarded some protocols but this was never the intention of any of the organizers.  Accused of being red or as a super spreader yet these unsung heroes pursued.

Did this stop my reason to serve? The answer is a Big “NO”. Like the Diamond it is nurtured  by pressure. The value and gratification of helping others is like no other. But more to that, the more important is “Do we stop helping others in our humble ways because others felt it is wrong” I think not. Then my question to myself Is Then who? 

Would you?        

Then is the lesson is:

a. We continue to serve the less fortunate in spite of the challenges because it nourishes our Humanity

b. There are many ways to help the poor especially the children in our humble ways

c. The Bayanihan spirit will always be there.

d. Life is always a lifetime of examination