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Learn More About Giving: AGAPE Accepts Donation Online

At this time of the pandemic, it is truly visible and undeniable the load of burden and challenges every Filipino needs to face right now. Let us not forget the number of Filipinos who lost their jobs here and abroad. It takes its toll on every one of us, which is...

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Why Donating To A Children’s Charity Matters

Today, the world is facing various difficult challenges. In all facets of society, human lives are in a dilemma.  As adults, we bear with these burdens on our shoulders and complained about how life had been unfair to us. If grown-ups feel miserable, how much...

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Managing Gadgets for Children

With the continuous increase of technologies yearly, more and more children are getting hook with the latest gadgets. Moreover, with this pandemic still occurring all over the country, they are required to stay at home since they have weaker immune system than the...

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How to Prepare Children for SY 2020-2021

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Another SY. For decades, most of us parents have been accustomed to the usual routine of sending our kids off to school early in the morning. And after that, we’d have a lot more spare time on our hands. The thing is that...

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The New Normal With Doing Home-based Work

The “New Normal”  How many of us have been working at home since before the quarantine? If you include yourself with this one, you will understand the struggles and successes that one can get from working at home. It may be a little easier for you, yet very...

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The New Normal With Doing Home-based Work

VOLUNTEERING: Shaping Humanity At Its Best

Have you ever imagined your everyday life like this. Wake up in the morning. Sleep at night. Go to work or school the whole week. Chill out with friends on weekends. Bond with families on Sundays. Travel twice a year. Shop. Wine. Dine. Go to sleep. Wake up the next day.

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The 3 Significant Things To Become Successful Volunteer

This post is a bit lengthy for people who are not interested to help themselves and to offer their hands to others. The volunteering world is a huge room for everyone. It contains the different lives of people. Indeed, you might find some people who are addicts,...

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Become A Volunteer AGAPE NGO

The Wisdom From Storyteller

Have you ever dreamed of being a narrator? The one that is the passage of good things to others? Here’s the short but one of the best advice from Kuya Rey from the Founder of TSP (The Storytelling Project). “Parte ng ating buhay ang pag kwekwento … at magkakaibga...

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