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Called by Agape’s Love: An Agape’s tale of Service by Bro. Ping delos Santos

I was scrolling my FB page in 2018 when I came across with a post asking for volunteers to do an outreach program in a certain shelter near in my place. As I finished reading the post, I knew to my heart that it was something I want to do. I’ve been praying to God for quite some time to give me another community where I can serve Him and His people. I was very excited back then so, I immediately chatted my co worker “Joan” and informed her about it. We agreed to join in and we already registered to it.

Here came the day of the charity work and unfortunately I failed to join since my work schedule became suddenly conflict. I felt a bit confused, knowing that I thought it was something for me. My friend Joan joined and after she came back to work the next Monday, she talked so many good things about the charity work and the community. I promised her that I will join the soonest. The next invitation came in the same year and I was like finally! We joined together on that event.

After the event, I evaluated what Joan told me about it. Yes! Joan was very honest in telling me the joy that she felt after the outreach that I missed before. It was so genuine. I was overwhelmed by the overflowing joy, extraordinary peace and unexplainable contentment that I felt after the program. I thought I would teach the children lessons that day, but what happened was the other way around of it. I learned so much lessons about life from the kid’s insights and got inspired by their genuine smiles and charm. It was an incredible experience to play, interact and share the parcel of my time&life with them. It was totally a life-changing experience to me. That day I’ve committed myself to selflessly render service to others esp. to the kids.

It is truly in giving that we become whole. I never knew that before. I realized from joining this community that the more I share my time, the more I share my treasure, the more I share my life, the more I become happy, peaceful and satisfied. I glorify my Creator for allowing me to find this group where everybody is like your own brothers&sisters and I look forward to be with Agape as long as God wants me to be in this group.

Right now I am one of the core Team members of Agape, working full time happily with the other young professionals. We are all volunteers, we never get paid for posting and asking people for donations, but the salary that we receive certainly is the genuine peace and joy that we feel everytime we accomplish something. I believe that this one of my missions in life that God entrusted me to do and this is something I am very grateful about.

P.S. My Friend Joan is a Regular Sponsor of Agape donating a very small amount of her treasure to the kids every month and I never influenced her to do it. She also knew her mission and I salute her for that!

If you think you want a family and at the same time looking for your mission in life? Why don’t you try giving yourself selflessly to the poor& needy. Who knows your unfathomable questions about life for so long will be answered there. 😊

This is Ping, once walked astrayed in the road of life but now found a purpose and a mission with Agape!