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Community Pantry into Tragedy!

This is a story of a selfless Filipina who just wants to make her 36th birthday something meaningful… that many poor Filipinos can benefit from! But a tragic thing occurred that no one expected to happen. Read on to learn more about the incident, and what we think about this tragic event.

Do you think that it’s true?

Many people think that humans are inherently self-fish.

Some people even think that humans are naturally cruel, hungry for power, and self-centered. Do you think that it’s true?

We think not, especially when we witnessed how humanity builds its way above these negative things around the world. And In today’s post, we will share with you our thoughts about the tragic incident that happened in Quezon City, Philippines last April 2020. The incident that breeds more positivity to more Filipinos! The story happened like this:

The Community Pantry into Tragedy

A selfless Filipina celebrity, Angel Locsin, wanted to make her 36th birthday something more meaningful- that many poor Filipino will benefit from. She hosted a “Community Pantry” in Quezon City dated April 23, 2021.

While her intention is crystal clear (to help as many poor Filipinos as possible to cope-up with this pandemic situation), a tragic incident still happened. Under the scourging Sun and long lines of people who desperately want to get something from the celebrity’s “Community Pantry”… just to bring home some foods to eat for their family… an unexpected thing happened.

An old guy passed out and died. He was a “balut vendor” who only wanted to bring some foods from the Community Pantry to his family’s table. The sadder part is that some people tend to think that it was the selfless celebrity’s fault.

But because of her many remarkable deeds(not to mention the things she did for Yolanda typhoon victims, affected people during the Marawi War, and many other things), many Filipino citizens are standing by her side.

 In the end, Angel helped the bereaved family to settle everything just to ensure that they won’t experience more hardship, especially on their hospital bills and some other financial needs, and even said sorry for what has happened.

The fruit of tragedy

Now, we can agree that no one wants it to happen… that the intention is to help, not to cause problems. And you know what we observed after this incident? Many Community Pantries are now opening! From small to medium, and medium to large Community Pantries all over the Philippines!

Clearly, it fires up the spirit of humanity! And this is the best part! Many people are now solidly supporting this kind of small, yet impactful activity! 

The bottom line

The bottom line is that as long as your intentions and actions are for the good for others, the good things will follow you. And you know what?

In Agape, that’s our mission! We help abandoned, marginalized, and run-aways children. We help them to cope-up with life’s challenges, especially during these trying times. Plus, we do this voluntarily. We do this in the hope that it breeds more positivity in this world.

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Until then, keep safe!