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Donations and its “Two-way” Benefits

According to studies*, in the year 2019, 6% of school-age children are out of school, and 11% of children are engaged in child labor.

With all the tragedies that the year 2020 has faced, we wouldn’t be surprised if these statistics would have worsened.

AGAPE Charity Events, together with our sponsors and volunteers, help lessen these statistics by: 

  • receiving and calling for donations, 
  • organizing outreach programs, and
  • creating and conducting fundraisers to help sustain shelters for marginalized children.

The word “donation” simply translates from the Latin word “donum” which means “gift.”

There are plenty of reasons to donate, and here are a few:

  1. The main objective of giving out a donation is helping others, especially to the ones who are more in need. The genuine happiness that you get knowing that you’ve made someone smile at any day would be priceless, and would make you want to give more.
  2. Donating makes us feel connected to others. These connections can wash away the feeling of loneliness and keep ourselves grounded.
  3. After giving out a donation, we’d be grateful for the gift of life and the generosity that we can offer. We realize that we are fortunate enough to give back, and be thankful for the hands that can share, a mouth that can spread kindness, and arms that can care for others.
  4. Donating gives meaning to life. 
  5. A donation can start a greater purpose – a purpose that can be to yourself or a purpose to live for others.

Together with you, our prayers lead to the children in-need, and hope to change these statistics for the better. No help is small to change the world.

If you’re interested in passing on donations to the less-fortunate children, may it be in cash or in-kind, AGAPE Charity Events will be more than honoured to assist you.

Be part of our love feast.

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