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Blk 85 Lot 3 Kc 33 St Karangalan Village Brgy Manggahan, Pasig City


After the anniversary of the first lockdown last March 17, 2021 here we go again. This is at a time where new variants of the covid-19 has entered Philippine territory then come the exponential increase of active cases with an average of 10,000 per day, Sadly also There increase of deaths who failed to be aided in the medical attention due to the fact of the fully occupied hospitals here in Manila. One of my recent engagements (a Philippine Icon) had to depart and be with our Lord. Sadly, suffering the same faith like some of our unfortunate Brothers and Sisters. Given all this the most vulnerable is Children. Lockdown 2.0 will just aggravate the degradation of learning and Growth process. Not to mention mental health and social skills.    

What’s the realization?

We need to take the initiative to ACT on our own and not rely on government.  Government a lot their own hands so by extending the kindness, Take action on certain areas where we have control and do something in our own little way, WE can unload some of the weight.

  1. Don’t be the next patient.  It’s a principle in first aid that “Don’t be the next victim” you cannot save others if you’re the victim himself. So Always BEAR THE DISCIPLINE of the doing the minimum health standards. This is not only to protect yourself but more to protect your love ones and other fellow men. It is the Mental awareness that will count.

2. Do Good Deeds So pay it Forward. Every little good deed done however small if stack together is great in the eyes of fellow and God. Help in any small way you can where you have control. Share what you can that might help (i.e.) information or get the information for the person that person may need it either Medical or not. Point to a source of help or direct a community attention to the person in need. If you were a recipient of a blessing then be a blessing to others

3. I am Only One BUT I am ONE. In the analogy as no.2. if I can contribute in a way, I know BE IT TIME, TREASURE AND TALENT will always be part and parcel for the Better change that we wanted. Like my Rotary Family Says “BE THE INSPIRATION”

Alone we can do only so much. But if we act as community, we can be the catalyst of change.  

  1. Be Creative. A direct financial contribution is good. I do not question that. But not everyone of us is Financially Comfortable. But One can always contribute. There is that old saying “One-man Trash is One Man’s Treasure”. There are many ways to help like conduct a Garage sale for proceeds to be utilized of the Children in need. Donate directly like old books, Unutilized Office or school supplies, wheelchairs and other medical instruments that are Still medically viable for use.

Now more than ever this is a calling that is so epic and opportunity for us to help in any form possible. A person can do so much but together we can do a lot and far more reaching. So I ask you Brother and Sister;

 “Do you heed this Calling?”