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Effects of the COVID-19 to poor children in the Philippines

It has already been past a year when the government imposed the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19. As the pandemic continues, and the spread is still inevitable, poor children in the Philippines are the most affected. 

Here are the effects that affected them most:

1. Unattainable Education

Children from low-income families do not have access to education, especially after high school. Their families, in the first place, do not have enough to make a living. What more if they would need uniforms, books, supplies projects, fees, money for fares, and many more.

Today, online classes are implemented in all of the Philippines. They cannot afford books and papers. They definitely cannot be provided with cellular phones, computers, and internet connections as well. With this dilemma, modular learning was given as an alternative.

2. Their parents’ employment

We already know that some minors are involved in child labor. This is a given when their parents if any, do not make much to cover the whole family’s expenses. However, 4 million adults are already unemployed as of 2021 due to businesses shutting down since last year. 

3. Food

Since February of the year 2021, the inflation rate has been up to 4.7%, which has been the highest since 2019. This means that all food items, a necessity to daily living, increase in price. 

How to help?

Since the poverty they encounter is due to their family status, children cannot do much about this. They’ve got tiny hands that can’t hold too much, frail bodies that need more care, and feet that do not stride as far as they want to. Children in poverty cannot overcome this situation just by themselves.

AGAPE Selfless and Unconditional Love, Inc. finds a way to provide for their needs through the simplest actions, but with great effort. 

As volunteers, sponsors and donors, we can change their insight into the world they live in: there is hope everywhere. Reach out and be part of our help. Click here to know-how: