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Happier People Are (Blank)

Hello friends, 

You might be wondering what’s the continuation of the statement in the headline. 

But bare with me because the answer is just under your nose. 

It’s so simple and it doesn’t need to be huge. 

And most happier people are doing this not because they’re doing it to feel better but because it’s natural and it’s human nature to feel this way when you do it. 

And you know what it is? 

The answer is… 


Happier People Are Giver. 

It’s true. 

When you give to other people, more often than not, you feel happier than you’ll ever be. 

Why is that? 

Because you can’t help it. 

Your brain will know it and it will increase and produce more of the endorphins in your brain that will eventually make you feel better, more positive and more satisfied. 

In fact, even toddlers become happier when they help or give to someone. 

There’s a study  showing that when you give a toddler something like food or a toy, they will smile at you and feel good. 

Now, when they try to ask them to help or give food to someone. 

Their faces have lightened up and even feel better and more satisfied to see other people feel better because of their help. 

And this phenomenon is also applicable to adults. 

But wait, it doesn’t need to be a huge help like thousand funds. 

Simple genuine help is greatly appreciated and enough to make another person feel better. 

And you know what? 

There are several ways to help someone. 

One of the simplest things you can do is simply help people around you in your daily lives. 

And the other ways are volunteering through your efforts serving and helping the people in foundations, providing funds, and, if you have skills, offer a free service to one of the Charities in the Philippines like what we’re doing right now—writers. 

Whatever and however you do it, you must do it in a sincere and genuine way. 

And, just like other people, you may have a better, happier, more positive, and have a more satisfying life than you’ll ever be.

And this is a small step to minimize hungry people living in the streets and a small step to more and more foundations adopting them to give them a chance to change their lives.  

If you want that, especially on these pandemic days, where our physical efforts are quite prohibited because of strict protocols… 

You can still help someone virtually through AGAPE. 

And AGAPE has a lot of options to reach your help to them. 

You can reach your help through funds, or be a volunteer (if you have a particular skill. 

If you want that, all you have to do is message our FB page AGAPE Selfless Unconditional Love Inc and you can start from there.