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How The Simplest Form Of Help Can Change Someone’s Lives And The Benefits It Does To You

Hey there… 

Would you like to know how simple help can change someone’s life and how helping others benefit you? 

If so, then this article is for you. 

Many years ago, there’s a news report from a local newspaper of a kid (he’s eight years old at that time) who went viral on social media because he was studying outside at night, under the light of the fast-food chain. 

Because of that simple picture, the life and hope of this kid change forever. 

His name is Daniel Cabrera. They called him “Biboy” as his nickname. 

His family doesn’t have much.  

They couldn’t afford to have electricity and water supply because of financial problems. 

Even if that’s the case (little food on his stomach, no electricity, mosquitoes’ favorite)… 

Biboy didn’t stop pursuing his goal… which is to graduate and become a policeman someday. 

That’s why despite his struggles, he kept studying outside of his home at night to finish his homework (alone) — using the light of a fast-food chain near their house. 

And, unexpectedly, while studying outside, someone took a picture of him, posted it online, and went viral. 

From that day (when his photo went viral)… like striking lighting came from the sky. 

Blessings poured. 

Donations went up for electricity and food, and a scholarship.

And this wouldn’t be possible without that someone (who took a photo of him). Without the person who cares for Biboy to go viral. And without the heart and little effort of the people who help. 

That’s one example of how impactful a sincere, simple help does. 

Now, how about the people who help Biboy, what are their benefits of helping him? 

Well, to answer that, the benefits are not physical things, but more on emotional and mental benefits… 

According to studies, here are three benefits of helping others: 

1) First, being generous to others reduces your stress 

Yes, it does. 

Because we feel good about it and it gives us a sense of belongingness especially when someone appreciates our effort even if it’s a simple thing.

2) Secondly, being able to help someone makes us feel better in general

When we help someone, we feel good about it… 

Because our brain releases more of what they called ‘endorphins’ and, if this happens, your brain’s pleasure center brightens up and makes us feel better, and generates a sense of gratitude and satisfaction in life. 

3) And third, helping others makes us happier than ever. 

These are just a few out of thousands of benefits when you help other people who are in need. 

And you know what’s the most important benefit you can have when you help other people… 

You feel more satisfied and happier than ever. 

Now, if you want to help other people (especially kids who need help) and don’t know where and how… 

… you can do that here. 

AGAPE are helping kids who are in need (especially those in the foundation), and if you want to reach your help with them, you can do that through AGAPE. 

You can check it out here on this page.