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Help Children by Donating Using Bitcoin

AGAPE is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring smiles to the children, yet with the pandemic situation, this does not stop us from committing ourselves for the welfare of the kids. 

And to continue this kind of goal, we opened new ways on how our donors could share their blessings to these children without much of a hassle. 

Today, we are glad to tell you that AGAPE is now accepting bitcoin for donation. 

But first, let us define what bitcoin is.


What is Bitcoin?

It is a cryptocurrency system where users can collect or transfer money or payment online. People earned bitcoin through solving puzzles or buying in the market. Click here to know more about it. 

Why Should I Use Bitcoin?

First, it permits one person to store his or her money. Second, it is electronically kept. Finally, it is not owned by the government. 

Why should I donate using Bitcoin?

You can use cash, but bitcoin overpowers the traditional way of doing transactions. 

Bitcoin proves to be an efficient system to manage or store one’s money or pay one’s bill.

Since it is gaining popularity among people, here are the advantages of using it. 

  1. It is accessible to users. 

It is an easier way to transfer money nowadays without leaving one’s home. You can just use your computer or mobile phones to do the transaction. Bitcoin does not require too much work or effort, which is very applicable at this time. 

  1. There is no third party network involved. 

It allows you to send the value of money without the approval from another network. This cut the cost of paying extra fee.

  1. It posts independence to the user. 

The user does not need to negotiate with bank employees because it gives authority to manage one’s money. 

How do I donate using bitcoin to AGAPE?

Click this link:

For more information about donating using bitcoin, leave us a message or visit our website page: