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How Can NGOs Alleviate Poverty

COVID-19 affected the lives of all people worldwide as it struck in December 2019, starting from China. 

The worldwide spread came about in the first quarter JUST last year.

With the pandemic, an analysis from UNICEF and Save the Children discussed that an additional 150 million children live in poverty. By “living in poverty,” it means that they do not have access to even the most necessities, including sanitation, water, nutrition, education, health, or housing.

What can we do?

Non-government organizations (NGOs) in the Philippines reach out to children’s shelters to compensate for one or more of their necessities to ease the effects of poverty. 

One of the Philippines’ NGOs is AGAPE Selfless Unconditional Love, Inc., which focuses on helping marginalized children.

How does AGAPE help?

AGAPE, as an NGO that aims to help children in poverty in the Philippines, gather sponsors and volunteers to collect resources in aiding the needs of children within a targeted community.

It was just last February that AGAPE provided 200 activity books for children ages 4-5 years old entitled “In the Beginning.”

How can YOU help?

An individual wanting to give to children and to people who are less fortunate in general is indeed a blessing.

To be interested and read a blog article about how to help children living in poverty is a deed deemed righteous and kind-hearted. (This is you.)

Here are ways to be part of our help:

  • Be one of our regular sponsors. This would only cost a minimum of Php 300 per month.
  • Serve as a one-time sponsor
  • Drop in-kind donations.
  • Avail activity books to start the early education of marginalized kids.
  • Be a volunteer.


The children and their families are striving for the better. Let us reach out and help them. Through this, years will pass that we, as united individuals, can lessen and even eliminate the accumulation of children living in poverty.

Through NGOs like AGAPE, let us make a better world for Filipino children.