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How to Prepare Children for SY 2020-2021

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Another SY. For decades, most of us parents have been accustomed to the usual routine of sending our kids off to school early in the morning. And after that, we’d have a lot more spare time on our hands. The thing is that everything has taken quite a turn these past few months, and the same goes for schooling.

Let’s take this opportunity and use it for the better. With the kids home 24/7, you not only get to spend more time with them, but also see their growth and teach them hands-on.

If you’re a busy parent, do not fret. Preparing your children for SY 2020-2021 won’t require a lot of time. Here, I’ve gathered a few simple but effective tips for you.

Encourage them to set schedules

Sometimes, staying in the comforts of home leads to an unproductive day. Despite the current quarantine situation, kids should be taught how to make the most out of their time. Let’s be honest, we have no clue of how things are going to turn out with the pandemic. And that means there is a need to adjust.

Encouraging your children to set their own schedule will mold their mindset to getting things done when needed. School can be tiring at times, but less with proper time management. This will allow for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle while learning the value of being timely.

And don’t try to set the schedules for them! Let them be. Children are more likely to disobey when tasks are pushed onto them. Enlighten them with the idea and help during the process of creation.

Talk to them regularly

It’s as easy as that. Just. Talk. To. Them.

Ask your kids what they’re most excited or nervous for. What subjects they think they might need help with. What subjects they think they’re going to succeed in.

Communication is the key to all relationships, and especially to family. A child might not express their need for you but all human beings yearn for validation. Getting involved with every aspect of their life—the academic side for this matter—lets them know that you care for them. People who feel appreciated tend to be more positive. So talking to your kids about school in a forward-looking way will most likely reflect on their performance and grades.

But remember not to push them too hard. That on the other hand, might come off as pressure. When talking to them about school, you want to be as supportive as you can. Make them feel that they can achieve their goals.

Set up a workspace with no distractions

Now that schooling has switched to online means, it’s important to set up a workspace. And one without distractions. Things like a TV, cellphone or Nintendo Switch should be nowhere near your child’s workspace. School hours are meant to be spent learning. Let a school day at home feel like a regular one.

A child’s attention is often easily swayable. What you want is for them to stay focused. By creating an organized workspace with nothing irrelevant to bother them, they will be more inclined to be efficient and recognize virtual classes as their usual, physical counterpart.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how your kids view learning. They have to realize that school is important on their own. Following these tips will help you get them to that point. Never try to force anything onto them, but instead, introduce ideas slowly but surely.