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How to Write a Book

Are you an aspiring book writer? If your answer is “YES!” then you are definitely in the right place to know how to become one or start publishing your work now.

To make this happen and live your dream of writing a book of your own, let us start by going through the tips given by Miss Racquel Castro.

Raquel Castro is an IT programmer, who happens to be a book writer, and inspirational speaker at the same time. She was awarded as a 1075 Tagumpay at Kagitingan Icon.

Let us learn more from her here in this article.

Tips in Writing a Book:

  1. Collect your ideas.

According to Raqui, everything else starts with one’s idea, where it branches out to far more important things to finally come up with a theme for a book.

One example situation is in designing your book cover. Another example is thinking about the title or genre that you would like to work on.

2. Writing Styles

Every writer has his or her writing style, which makes the person unique. Some of the writing styles are narrative, descriptive, expository, or persuasive. If you are planning to be a novel writer, you should use narrative writing. But if you like to write book reviews, you can use persuasive writing.

3. Start conceptualizing the book.

Being a book writer, Raqui believes that it is essential to start working on the book by enhancing your skills. She suggests that beginner writers should practice with a 500-word article every day, or beyond.

Aside from the tips given by Racqui, she also shared tools that you can use to start working on your book.

  1. Use Microsoft Word in typing your ideas or work.
  2. Use to check your grammar.

This time, let us read tips from Miss Michollete.

Michollete Andrea De Matta is a graphic artist, and a volunteer in AGAPE. She is the person behind the AGAPE’s book, “In the Beginning: AGAPE’s Starter Kit 4-6 Years Old.”

As a graphic artist she also takes into consideration the different categories in her work, whether its target is for adults or kids. Also, her genre focuses on the mix of illustration and typography.

Tips in Honing Your Designing Skills:

  1. Think about your objectives.

As a graphic artist, Micholette considers first her objectives before getting everything else done.

In writing a book, she gives the following tips.

For aspiring graphic artists, she suggests to:

  • visit adobe website
  • watch Youtube sessions
  • take online courses

2. Use software to help you out in creating your designs.

Two of the software she uses are Adobe Photoshop and Illustration.

Being a writer takes a lot of effort and passion, yet it is possible with the help of the tips given by Miss Raquel and Miss Michollete.

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.”- Oprah Winfrey