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How We (Filipino) Stay Positive and Stay Happy While Experiencing Difficult Problems

Hey there…

Have you ever wondered how we (Filipino) stay positive, and stay happy while experiencing difficult problems? 

To find the answer, we looked back for some of the fascinating facts and histories about us… 

What we find out next is astonishing … 

For the last three centuries, we developed the habit of finding ways to laugh at our problems, become hopeful and positive, and help our fellow kababayan.  

Why is this? 

The answer is simple. 

Our ancestors raise us this way. To respect other people, to help someone who’s in need (Bayanihan), and to laugh even if we have problems. 

And it was tested and molded when we experienced the most difficult, problematic, and most depressing times. 

Like for example when we had been slaves for years by other foreign countries, experienced the biggest disasters you couldn’t imagine, and the biggest crises. 

Yet here we come, we are getting stronger and stronger and can find reasons to be happy. 

And you know what else we’re better than everybody else? 

It’s easy… despite experiencing all of those, we’re still helping our fellow Filipino especially those who are in need.

Sometimes, even if we have nothing left, we’re able to find ways to serve people.

Humanity is in our blood. 

And it was (again) proven today. 

Because, as you know, in today’s times, we’re experiencing a huge problem—the pandemic while hitting us with multiple problems like natural disasters. 

Businesses were closing, strict rules and regulations, lost our jobs, lost our loved ones, and some time ago lost an “antiseptic alcohol” (just kidding). 

And yet, our blood of being caring to our fellow Filipino and willing to help others are still there.

In fact, one of the biggest challenges we have for the past 100 years is the pandemic.

However, as you can see, AGAPE are still here serving our fellow kababayan.

And that’s because, despite all the challenges, you’re able to support us until now. 

In fact, this year, we help a lot of kids who are willing to learn. 

By supporting one of the non-profit organizations—Kubooks— provide them with books and their needs.

This is all possible because of your help and your care.

And, not only us but other Filipino non-profit organizations are feeding the children on the streets. Give shelters to the homeless. And many more. 

These are just a few of thousands of examples of how caring and helpful we are to others. 

This brings us back to the point… 

No matter what our situation right now, we’re still here for each other, helping each other’s back because we’re Filipino. 

And that’s how we stay positive and happy. 

And this brings us to another point…

You see, if you’re experiencing hard times right now, we know it’s hard to face. 

However, we know that you can find ways to destroy that problem and we know that, that is temporary.

We know that you’re able to find ways to laugh… you’re still able to appreciate every little thing and, somehow, we still believe you’re able to find happiness despite all of that. 

Chin Up! 

We still have many more challenges to face, but it’s just a problem, we are Pinoy.