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“I Should Check Them First If They Are Legit”

Several months ago, I started seriously studying a new skill—Copywriting. 

Helping businesses generate more sales through compelling messages. 

While I was doing that, on the side, I started looking up for potential businesses where I could “test” my newly acquired skill. 

However, I couldn’t find any “real” businesses who’ll hire me. 

I stumbled with my pal to sell his products for free. But that was it. 

But, Kaboom! 

Fortunately, my friend Joemark —one of the volunteers of AGAPE— introduced me to AGAPE. 

But I asked myself— “Hmm If ever I volunteer I should start searching them (AGAPE) to be safe and sure that they’re legit” 

And that’s the time I’ve researched all the things AGAPE is doing and what I found next surprised me… 

I found lots of good stuff about them… however, what surprised me most is AGAPE is a charity: 

Where they help other people—especially kids— who are in need. 

I got excited.

So, when Joemark told me that AGAPE needs another Copywriter who can help them write their emails, write on their page and sales page. 

I volunteered without any hesitation. 

You see, it’s the best feeling in the world knowing that—in the simplest form— you help other people who are in need. 

Even though I’m not out there physically reaching out and giving help to foundations, at least for me, I’m able to help other people through AGAPE. 

And the rest of us who volunteers to AGAPE has only one thing in mind:

… Helping Filipino Children who are in need. 

I’m grateful to volunteer to AGAPE helping other people. 

And you know what? 

This personal short story goes to show you that even if you don’t have lots of money, you can still help someone who’s in need. 

To me, it’s meaningful and it even more empowers humanity. 

With that being said I want to leave you a message I’ve read recently: 

“The Power Of Giving” 

“Never underestimate the Power of Giving. It shines like a beacon throughout humanity. It cuts through the ocean that divide us and brightens the lives of all it touches. One of life’s greatest laws is that you cannot hold a torch to light another path… without brightening your own”