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IceMan Simple Secrets On Living A Positive And Satisfied Life

Dear friend, 

If you want to live your life with happiness and positivity, then you should know the simple secret of the real-life Ice 🧊 Man. 

His name is Wim Hof.  Famous Known as the Iceman. 

He’s the only man who can live in the coldest place in the world without any coats or jackets. 

He broke a record for the farthest swim under the ice. 

He also broke a record for the fastest half marathon barefoot on ice and snow, with a time of 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 34 seconds. 

And many more. 

His secret for doing this all stuff? 

It’s simple.

He can do these things because of his Breathing Method Technique and Controlling your mind. 

But what many people would love to know more about other than his great ability is to know how to stay happy…  

And he finally spills the beans… 

And it’s so easy and it’s not a secret anymore if you think about it… 

The secrets are very simple, you only need to… 

Breath and Belief 

When you take a deep breath, all the carbon dioxide including your negative thoughts will almost always go out to your body. 

And it’s proven true. 

Because physically you will be relaxed and breathed out all your frustrations. 

It’s so simple but so effective. 

And the other one is a belief… 

The belief that everything will be okay. 

The belief that all the problems will be solved. 

And the belief that everything is just temporary defeats. 

And these are his simple secrets on living his life. 

And the Iceman passed these simple words to his followers and believers… 

And through this article,  we shared it with you. 

And hopefully, you share this with someone else to give them hope and belief that everything will be okay especially now that we have a pandemic. 

In that way, you’re able to help somehow in a simple way. 

That’s all there is to it. 

If you want to reach your help to other people, especially the kids in the foundation, you can do that through AGAPE. 

All you have to do is go to our FB Page AGAPE selfless unconditional love and from there, you can message us there where you can send your help.