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by Joemark Delima

Humanity is dead!

That was my thought when I started to practice writing.

Here’s what happened.

There was a young guy who left his well-paying corporate job to start his writing path.

And it wasn’t a wonderful transition.That year was 2019 and the guy was me.

I started to practice writing to help business owners write compelling captions for their products and services — TO SELL IT EFFECTIVELY.

It sounds cool to do. Yes — but you know what?

When you’re writing… you started to notice different things around you.

And it made me worried.

Day by day, I exposed myself to different business’ writing needs and activities.

I barely see people doing something to help others.

“Others” who really need helping hands — to survive mentally and physically.

And that was the reason why I searched about different local charities and foundations.

Then I discovered AGAPE and sent joining application to their FB Group.

After that, Bro Gio asked if I want to work with them as a Volunteer Copywriter.

Around February 2020, I accepted it.Now, we’re having a good network of kind-hearted volunteers.

We’re doing stuffs for one reason:

To Help Filipino Children!

That’s one best thing why I really love writing with AGAPE.

Helping Filipino Children — to make their life better and brighter — literally and figuratively.

And I believe it empowers humanity!

If you believe it’s meaningful to do…

Do it too. Do it now. And do it often 🙂