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Learn More About Giving: AGAPE Accepts Donation Online

At this time of the pandemic, it is truly visible and undeniable the load of burden and challenges every Filipino needs to face right now. Let us not forget the number of Filipinos who lost their jobs here and abroad. It takes its toll on every one of us, which is truly unforeseeable. Many are suffering, struggling, and even grieving. 

Yet, regardless of these challenges in life, people were able to find a solution to it. And with this, we can witness the resiliency of the Filipinos. As long as we hold each other hand in hand, we can all get through this. It is something that never runs out of time.

It is why it also the best time to think of our fellowmen’s welfare. It calls for more sharing and giving, not only to spread happiness but also to make us survive each day of our lives. Whatever little things that we can offer right now will truly matter to the people who are in need. Click here to know about the purpose of giving to other people. 

Now that you have an idea about the purpose of giving, let me ask you a question. 

Do you want to be a sponsor in AGAPE? 

If your answer is “Yes!” then you are in the right place and the best time to do it. 

You can choose from the following options:

  1. One-time sponsor- The person donates once for the charity. 
  2. Regular Sponsor- The person donates 3,600 pesos annually. 
  3. In-Kind Donation- The person donates clothes, foods, toiletries, etc. 
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A Story Worth Sharing

Every one of us has what we call the “good heart.” We try to brave the winds of life, and we remain strong after having our fall. One good story that truly inspires us here in AGAPE is the one from the couple whom we met with “good hearts.” 

Who would have thought that although AGAPE is based in the Philippines, we get to bump into people who have the same principles and values that we have? A couple was preparing to celebrate their birthdays and would want something special and meaningful this year. It was also this time, that they found out about AGAPE through Facebook, and started connecting to us. After getting to know more about how we helped children in charities, they finally decided to give it a try. They voluntarily introduced themselves as a one time sponsor, which eventually turned into a regular sponsor. 

This story touches our hearts, not because of what they can offer to us in AGAPE, but because there are people who believe in our principles and values to continue. We are “ONE in our MISSION,” and that is to “Support less fortunate children by providing them physical, mental, and social needs through our activities and charity work.” This kind of story is one of the many stories we have witnessed happen in our eyes in AGAPE, at home, in school, in office, and in many places where generosity, love, and hope are evident.

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Why should you donate to AGAPE?

Reasons to Donate Now:

  1. The less fortunate kids in the charities benefit from it. 
    • AGAPE supports many charities that shelter many less fortunate kids in the Philippines. It is through these little ways, the organization can nurture and protect them regardless of all financial limits there is. From the donations, these shelters can provide their daily needs such as food and toiletries. It helps in sustaining their health need too, which is essential nowadays.
  2. It is very timely.
    • If you cannot find the right time to share your money with these children, it is best to do it today. It is the time that they need more love and comfort from the people around them, and this will truly make a difference. This pandemic has even made a negative impact on some of them, which brought sadness and loneliness. These children must be saved against all these negative ideas, and they need it now.

Why Should You Use Online Payment?

  1. It is the most convenient way to do it. 
    • Most of the establishments these past few months embrace the new way of transacting their businesses, which makes it even faster and easier. Aside from saving time and effort to go to a physical bank, it allows people to send money at any time of the day. Moreover, there is a bigger chance to do multiple transactions in a day without budging to travel outside your home.
  2. Safety is always in check.
    • Since you will not need to go outside, there is less risk to expose yourself to diseases and viruses. It gives you more privilege to enjoy and relax at home without having to stress yourself about your financial obligations. It surely does not only save you but your family, as well. It is why online banking is the “new normal” now.
  3. Sending money to charities and purchasing essential things for them is faster.
    • There is no waiting time for this kind of payment. It assures everybody, which is both the sender and the receiver, that the money is utilized as soon as it is sent or received. From there, the next process, which is purchasing important things for the children is attainable.

As Mother Theresa said, “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”