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You live what you earn in a day and that’s 1 Dollar A Day

Dear friend, 

There’s a short  story (The Change Series) we want to share with you. 

It’s a fascinating story and still, the lesson we want to point out is relevant. 

It’s a story of these fresh grad students in college (their courses are Economics) and they live in a well-built expensive city in the USA, New York City. 

Now, to know the feeling of living 1 dollar a day… 

They went to one of the poorest parts of the country of Guatemala City. 

They experienced horrible truths about the lives of rural poor people there. 

They’re trying to live and spend 1 dollar a day. 

And to do that, they tried their best to live the lifestyle of the people of Guatemala. 

However, two weeks had passed, one of them got sick because of the contaminated water they’re drinking.

It was later confirmed by a Doctor that the cause came from contaminated water. 

Anyway, at the end of the entire video, they learned a lot of things about their struggles, and how a lot of people around the globe don’t have clean water to drink, and even electricity. 

But despite all of those, they still find a way to smile and be happy with their life. 

And you know what? 

This is quite similar to the farthest cities in the Philippines. 

And even the “considered” main city in our country (Philippines) has a lot of problems. 

You see, some Filipinos are living in the streets, struggling to find shelters, food, and clothes. 

Some even commit crimes just to survive in their daily lives. 

That’s why there are many foundations, shelters, and non-profit organizations which aim to help these people in the Philippines. 

They provide daily food for them to at least survive and help them through feeding programs, some people are lucky enough to be adopted by the foundation and some are blessed to go to school. 

These foundations are aiming to continue helping these people

And with that, AGAPE is one of those foundations that serve people (especially those kids who need our help). 

We do this by supporting those charities and non-profit organizations through funds and our efforts. 

And hopefully you’ll still be able to continue serving and supporting our fellow Filipino especially those kababayan who are starving and homeless. 

You can do that by supporting more foundations, through funds, or volunteering. 

And soon enough, if more and more people are giving hands, we believe we’ll at least minimize the people who are struggling, and kids living in the streets. 

So if you want this to happen, you can do that here through us —AGAPE. 

Little by little we can do that. 

All you have to do is go to our FB page, AGAPE Selfless Unconditional Love Inc, and you can start from there.