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LOOK: New Bitcoin Donation Platform of AGAPE!

We are happy to announce that we have a new donation method, which is our new Bitcoin Donation Platform! The topic for today is bitcoin, but less numbers, and less mathematical equations… and more of how to help Filipino Children using bitcoin. 

Fun Fact about bitcoin!

Do you hear what Amirta Ahuja said about bitcoin? She said that “Bitcoin has the potential to be a native currency of the internet” and with that, we agree that it also can help our friends, family members, and anonymous sponsors donate with ease.

And without further ado… let us discover our new…

Cryptocurrency Donation Method

You know what? The best part of using the bitcoin donation platform is it eliminates banking fees and has a super low transaction fee, especially if you use it for international donations or payments! This means, too, that the money you donate can help more Filipino children in terms of buying necessary things to survive, and to thrive!

And you know what else? Our new bitcoin donation platform, which is our Cryptocurrency Donation Method, isn’t complicated to process. Check it out! There, you see super straightforward(easy and simple) transaction information.

Final Words

While there are many pros about using Cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, you should still know and understand the cons it can bring to you. But always remember that whatever cons it may have, the genuine help from a genuine heart still provides the best outcome for any events in human life.

If you have friends who use bitcoin, please let them know about our new bitcoin donation platform. If you have any questions or reactions to this post, please let us know in the comment section. Until then, keep safe!