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Mental Health for Kids

As an Educator for the longest time, I could remember what I have proven is that “Interaction” is the key to Learning. That a discourse is always reach if there is an exchange of ideas. A one-way street of learning will never have the same value versus an active exchange of Ideas however simple. 

Time and memorial, Social skills is the foundation to the learning of any child. Their interaction from parents to playmates to classmates spells out the principles and consistency of the actions on what they hear or observe cements the values they carry. Imagine this , During pre pandemic there was an active interaction and exchange of learning from all walks of life.  Pre pandemic the mental health law was passed. Now here comes COVID 19 then world goes to a halt.    

It is sad to say that Mental Health Program is one of those forgotten this pandemic in spite of the presence of the law. Anxiety is at all time high triggered by so many factors.

  1. Lost of job
  2. Lost of someone we love
  3. Force isolation as there is no more face to face classes 
  4. Less work force presence

Ultimately the victim of all this changes are children. 

One advantage of this era is the internet thought its effects has always been double sided. Government opted to a blended learning approached which is a combination of online classes and modules. Parents  role has been engage a parent -teacher-mentor. This Methodology is yet to be proven effective but it can always be improve. 


With all of this, we want the for our children without sacrificing safety.  What do we suggest. 

  1. Realize we need to continually invest interactive learning with the objective of developing a strong mindset with values for children
  2. Be creative in designing a learning environment by incorporating all suggestions even its coming from the child   
  3. There are institutions that are willing to lend a hand to produced a conducive learning environment.  Ask and pay it forward. 
  4. That you will always be a model to a child. And all small acts shall be the nurture that guides a child’s perspective all his life