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Motivated by Love by Mira Erni Jaudalso

I came to know AGAPE like a bolt out of the blue. Surprising. Unexpected. 

Back in February, Agape Charity Events made a post at Freelance Writer’s of the Philippines – a group page where I was a member, and I heeded the call to be one of the volunteer writers. One thing caught my attention,  the word “agape” which means “love” and the mission to spread unconditional love, kindness, positivity through charity works especially with less fortunate children.

Back then, the organizers looked for videographers, photographers and content writers to help them in their future projects. I sent them a message, and attended the first volunteers meet up with other creatives at Megamall. 

Agape’s core team headed by the young and vibrant Miss Ree Bringuelo and marketing lead Boost Gio came up with a series of plans for this year to continue their initial project, Birthday Blowout for Kuya Center for children, one of Agape’s beneficiaries.

 Just when the charity work schedule for March and April were planned and we, as volunteers, were all set for the upcoming events – the coronavirus disease hit us globally. 

The moments which followed were unexpected.

Everybody was thrown in the midst of chaos. We were forced to stay within the safe confines of our home, until the situation almost spiralled into nothingness – loss of precious lives, loss of jobs, loss of dignity. Fear started to set in. Sadly, tens of thousands succumbed to the disease and died. The upside of it, millions survived. 

Agape didn’t lose time to act. Despite the required social distancing, Agape responded to help others in need. 

I, as a volunteer for the marketing team, together with other content writers, photographers, and videographers – we immediately moved into action. We pooled our resources and spread social media campaign materials. We  made infographics to provide awareness on how people can protect themselves from the virus, and the dissemination of health informations needed during this time of crisis. 

Months into the pandemic and the situation worsened, Agape came up with a series of fund drives and relief efforts for our new heroes – the frontliners. AGAPE spearheaded the donation drive for the purchase of PPEs, foods, medicines and other basic needs. It became a successful outreach endeavor for the whole AGAPE team. 

AGAPE also came up with an 8-day musical project called “Online Radio” a collaboration by christian music artists not only provided fun and entertainment, but helped release boredom and stress for all who were people in lockdown during the stay at home months. It was a success. Many online communities shared and liked the inspirational songs we offered, even if only for a short period of time. 

The latest activity we had on our Facebook page was an art project the team planned specially for mommies and kids. It was called “CREATVTY” – a series of entertaining, informative and educational videos on coffee painting, story telling, calligraphy, monochromatic painting, acryllic painting, and how to manage kids with disabilities during the pandemic. Agape offered these as free videos as previews for a week while parenteen and transitioning to digital world videos were offered as exclusive webinars for the benefit of the filipino children. 

We are halfway through 2020 but the active coordination of the core team and volunteers, with the help of the sponsors, made these things possible despite the crisis.

Sometimes, success is not only measured by the abundance of money we get out of doing something important – a job, a project, or a hustle. Through volunteerism, we pay it forward by sharing with others the knowledge and wisdom we have learned through the years – it may be in a form of an idea, talent, money, time or passion. The bottom line here is – yes, unconditional love. 

Despite of the recent global crisis we experienced, AGAPE’s heartfelt mission and clear vision to share love and spread positivity to people in any way, shape or form is a great way of finding one’s calling – selfless love for humanity.