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Reach Out in Just a Few Clicks

Are you planning on giving monetary donations but do not have the time?

We are all BUSY – from our jobs, our family, our friends, and ourselves.

We are working and capable of giving some of a few extra to children in need, but the availability of time constrains us from doing so.

With the pandemic currently happening, we also worry about who we personally speak to and who we are with.

Then came the generation of the Internet and the convenience of online transactions…

A solution to reach out to people without worry.

Most people accept payments through online transactions nowadays. This includes food delivery service, bills payment, and so much more. Non-profit organizations, like AGAPE Charity Events, also cater this hassle-free transactions.

According to the 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report* , ”Millennials”, “Gen Xs,” and “Baby Boomers” worldwide are highly inclined to give through online transactions (debit or credit card). 

This study says that donations are averaging to 55.67% via online transactions for the three age groups. Others use cash, bank transfers or via PayPal.

However, as of today, online transactions can also indicate the use of Bank transfers and PayPal options.

The internet is indeed a great blessing even for those who cannot have access. 

AGAPE Charity Events would gladly help you reach out to marginalized kids without leaving your workplaces or even your desks. 

We accept donations online. 

This gives you the ability to donate without sacrificing much of your time.

View the whole process of online donations in just a few clicks at:

You can now have our hearts full of joy and still have the luxury of time.

Join our love feast within a matter of minutes and bring smiles to MILES.