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Championing Climate Change Thru Responsible Internet Usage

As mention in one research. The internet is one of the biggest contributors of CO2 to global warming. A subject rarely discuss by Internet users. Unknown to many with all these DATA servers that require voluminous kilovolts just to run, not to mention maintain the continuous running of heavy-duty air-conditioning units. This vicious hunger for electricity means more power production requirement. This is not good especially for third world countries because these means more production of Co2 as most power producers as dependent on fuel. 

On a positive note. One domain provider has made a decision to be E-commerce responsible by accessing renewable energy to power their power requirement.  This means that availing their services a client would be advocating the:

(1) responsible use of the internet knows their provider use renewable energy in providing access to internet. 

(2) believes in the philosophy of contributing to climate change. 

In lieu of this. We at AGAPE has that kind partner, KUALO.  For the past 10 years  KUALO with this kind of philosophy  and has been a provider for the website of AGAPE. AGAPE as an institution has been advocating for Unconditional Love and Children, This is congruent for the belief that all of us being proactive in a role in climate change. Having KUALO as partner helps us strengthen the environmental responsibility. A small act the contributes to a higher purpose. 

I believe this should be the direction of the future. We should patronize and collaborate  this kind of advocacy may it be individual or organization. Since everyone is trying be connected to 24/7 then everyone should be responsible on how to they acquire and use of energy. 

Hopefully in the future we can see phones if not all houses or institutions using renewable energy.