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A Simple Secret Used By A Former World Champion Of Public Speaking To Discipline His Kids To Be A Good Kid

Dear friend, 

Would you like to know a simple way on how to discipline your kids to be obedient while respecting and loving you more? 

If so, this article will show you how. 

Here’s the story:

There’s a winning speech of Mohammed Qahtani—a former World Champion For Public Speaking— that will blow your mind. 

His topic is “The Power Of Words.” 

He explained how words are the most powerful thing in the world. 

It can give someone feels disrespected, embarrassed, ashamed, depressed, or it could give someone feels joyful, change their lives, feels special, and many other things. 

And in that speech, aside from how good he articulates the power of words, I’ve learned something about… 

How to discipline your child without them feeling disrespected and embarrassed

It’s simple, and if you can apply this simple change to how you communicate and discipline your kids, you will be surprised by what the results are. 

They may respect you and love you more, and overall, they’ll become obedient and a good kid.

Do you know what it is? Well, it’s simple… 

Treat them with respect (like an individual) in line with their vision

Here’s what is it all about: 

In the speech, Mohammed told the story about his kid with a bad habit of writing the wall with crayons. 

And when he saw what he’s doing, he became upset and shouted at him, called him a stupid kid and told him never to do it again. 

Another day has passed, he saw (again) his kid drawing and writing the wall with crayons, and this time he’s looking straight at him in the eyes. 

And then, instead of shouting at him and getting upset again… 

He changed his approach

He told him calmly, “You’re a big boy now, don’t do it again.”

And from that time on, the kid never does it again. 

Why? The answer is simple. 

It’s because he feels respected… 

And it’s also because he sees the vision of being the “big boy” of the family (the big boy who never mess with crayons, a big boy who respected by his daddy

And that, my friend, is the golden nugget in this article. 

When someone feels disrespected and threatened, they can’t accept it. 

Their ego will not allow it. 

So the result…

They will always do things that make you upset. 

On the other hand, when someone feels respected and told them their mistakes… 

They would accept it with careful thought. 

And this truth is no different with your children… 

In fact, according to Psychology Facts: 

4-6 years old kids started to see themselves as individuals just like adults.”

That means they can feel and act to how you treated them just like us (adults). 

We’ve experienced this to be true and effective in our own family. 

We’ve seen this working with my friends’ kids and relatives… 

In fact, here’s a fascinating true story: 

I’ve seen my Tita discipline his child a few times. 

One time, my nephew was upset — in full of outrage, like a kid turning into a Hulk.  

He was very upset with his mom because she didn’t buy him a toy. 

For some reason— because of his anger— my nephew suddenly smashed and threw his other toys on the ceiling. 

All his toys fell to the ground—damaged and broken. 

When my Tita saw it… the calm and chillax face suddenly turned red. (The sign of mother’s anger ready to explode) 

She screamed at him and without getting into so much detail…  

All the negative words you can think of came out of her mouth while hitting him with ‘hanger.’

Anyway, several days later,  the same scenario happened… 

Guess what my nephew did? 

He screamed at his mom, telling her all the negative words you can think of. 

He did what his mom showed him several days ago. 

Now, instead of being upset again, she told her kid something like this: 

“You want to be like Cardo, right? Cardo won’t do it to his mother and family, so don’t do it again because it’s bad, okay.”

And this statement changed my nephew’s attitude. 

He never does it again. 

Because he feels respected as an individual, and he sees himself as the Cardo of the family.

See if this is effective for my nephew… 

This approach could be effective in your kids too. 

So, try it, and you’ll be surprised by the results. 

“Treat them with respect (like an individual) in line with their vision.”

We hope you find this post helpful, not only this article but all of the articles we provide. 

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Hopefully, you’re finding the value in it. 

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