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Two Simple Secrets That Almost Instantly Influence Your Kids To Be A Good Kid

Hey there!

One of the best books ever written in human history is…

“How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

Not only because of the practical lessons you can learn from the book but also there are many fascinating stories you can share with your kids…

Plus, the lessons and stories in the book are also applicable on how to discipline your kids without destroying their self-esteem…

And the two of many lessons are still very effective today even though it was written almost a decade ago.

Here are the two secrets revealed in the book:

1) Don’t Criticize, Condemn and Complain

In the book, it further explains with true stories that happened in real life why you shouldn’t criticize people if you want to influence someone.

But here’s how it works with your kids:

A few years back, I saw my cousin (6 years old) commit quite a huge mistake.

However, her mother (which is my tita) instead of screaming and criticizing him with an angry voice at him.

She just asks and explains with a very calm voice what happens and figures out what are his mistakes and why it’s bad.

And, the result was surprising…

My cousin right now is very open to her and very honest to her.

And, as far as I can see, she loves her more and respects her more because of the way my Tita handles the situation.

So instead of criticizing, as much as possible, try to talk to them calmly and explain to them properly in which they can understand it.

  1. Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation

It’s pretty simple, right?

And I bet it’s not the most “secret” in the world.

But, this simple tweak on how you handle your kids almost certainly has a huge impact on your kids’ character.

Just a simple and sincere appreciation of the good things they do in everyday life will be enough for them to be happy and get motivated.

And this will lead to loving you more, respecting you more, and influencing them to be a good kid.

There are more lessons you can learn from the book.

But these two are very timely and, according to experts, very important lessons in the book.

Because until now these are still very effective today.

The book is highly recommended by experts and other people and it’s very interesting to read because of the stories stated in the book.

And speaking of an activity book for your kids…

We have created a simple book called:

In the beginning: English Story and Activity For Kids.

This book is a simple guide to help your kids familiarize the basics of the Alphabet, Numbers, and Colors.

They can practice counting the numbers, write the Alphabet and Boost their creativity by coloring the book.

If you want that, you can simply grab the book here on this page.

Thank you.