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The Simplest Yet One Of The Best Ways You Can Do To Help Someone

Dear friend… 

If you want to help someone right now in times of crisis like today without drilling a hole in your pocket… 

But you can’t figure out how and where you can do it, here’s the simplest form you can do. 

What you can do is very easy. 

You can exploit the gorgeous woman’s simple secret to help a blind beggar. 

Here’s the story: 

There’s a short interesting video (2 mins) on youtube that you can watch. 

It shows you this old man who’s making a living as a beggar. 

He couldn’t apply for a job because in the first place he has no family, he has no connection and he’s blind. 

So he’s just sitting and waiting for people there to give him money or food. 

And he only brings his cardboard that says “I’m Blind Please Help”. 

And everyday he only makes pennies enough for him to survive for a day. 

But there’s an interesting thing that happens to the old man before the day ends… 

There’s a gorgeous woman who stopped by, but not because she gave him money. 

No, but because she did something that changes how much the blind man earns for the day. 

And the blind man couldn’t believe it because he feels like every time a person is passing him by, they’re giving him money and food. 

Before the day ends, the gorgeous woman has stopped by (again) to look if there’s an improvement to the old man’s money for that day. 

And, she’s not surprised by the results. 

The money he collects is enough to survive him for 2-3 days. 

And the old blind man touches her feet and asks her, “What Did You Do”? 

“It’s simple,” she said, “I just change the words in your cardboard”. 

And the woman changes the sign to “It’s a beautiful day. And I can’t see it”. 

This brings us to our point: 

You see, this is the simplest form you can do to help someone. 

You can use the power of your words.  

Especially now there’s a lot of platforms to use your words and voice to help someone.

Of course, funds are important. 

However, you can help someone without money involved… 

Just a simple and genuine effort to help spread awareness to those organizations like AGAPE which aim to help kids who are in need…

Whether it’s word of mouth, on your Facebook, or your social media platforms. 

By doing this, you’re able to spread the good news to other people and those people might also be willing to serve other people. 

And just like the story, because of how you use the power of your words… 

You might change someone’s future. 

So, if you want to help children in the foundation… 

Especially those foundations who are adopting hungry kids on the streets through us AGAPE, you can do it by donating to us or you can do it by sharing our page through your social media platforms like Facebook in your timeline.