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Do You Make Smart Ways To Bond More With Your Kids?

Dear friend, 

If you have 4 to 6 years old kids, this article is for you… 

Imagine being able to squeeze more bonding time with your kids in your spare time… and then your kids will be happy and rewarded by the knowledge they learn from you. 

Imagine—while having fun together— you’ll be able to, little by little— guide them with the basic knowledge of Numbers, Alphabet, and Art… 

… they’re genuinely happy learning and doing it because you’re the one who guides them. 

And your kids will be fascinated by you because of how awesome parents you are. 

Well, imagine no more…  

Because we create a simple but amazing offer that could help you do that… 

Without them feeling “forced” to do it. 

Without them feels like work.  

And, in your part, with a little guidance of you plus you’re able to see their happy face and their improvements. 

What is this offer I’m talking about? 

I’ll tell you what in a moment but first. 

Let me share with you three of the many ways you can bond with your kids. 

First, there are toys and app games. 

You can bond with them through this. 

And it’s not bad at all, however as you know, there’s a side effect of this. 

Like for example, they became addicted to it —which belongs to bad addiction. 

They could damage their eyes at their early age and many more. You get the idea. 

And as I’ve said earlier, it’s still not bad at all if this is how you bond with them. 

Secondly, you can bond with them through vacation— like going to the beach or farm. 

This is one of the good ways you can bond with them—not only with your kids but also with your family. 

However, you can’t do it every spare time you have. 

Because it costs money, there’s still a pandemic, and it has a lot of risk on their health. 

And lastly (which we recommend)… 

There’s a simple and traditional way you can bond with them while both of you enjoy doing it plus your kids will start learning basic things. 

And you can do it wherever you are—as long as you’re with your kids— and it won’t suck all your time because you have to choose if you’ll stop doing it or not. 

I’m talking about a simple book. 

Yes, a simple book where they could learn all the basics of Alphabets, count numbers and… and… they could draw and color the drawing there to boost their Creativity in an early age.

That’s why for this reason we created a book called: 

In the beginning: English Story and Activity For Kids. 

This book is really simple yet the impact of this on your kids is huge. 

Because in this book, they will learn the Alphabet, count the Numbers, and boost their Creativity by coloring the fancy drawings in the book. 

This requires a little bit of guidance from you. 

And that’s what makes this “way” unique and traditional. 

This way you can bond more with them while they’re improving. 

Plus, if you get the book, you’re able to see those pictures of kids in the foundations you help and you can tell your kids stories about them. 🙂 

But wait, not only this book you’ll get: 

Also, you get amazing things you can personally use or you can give to someone as a gift. 

And this time, if you get the book you still able to reach your help to those people who are in need. 

Why? Because all the funds will go to one of our beneficiaries. 

If you want to get this book and these amazing things you can have as a remembrance, and at the same time, you’re able to help someone who’s in need…

All you have to do is go to the link below and from there you can find out more: