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The 3 Significant Things To Become Successful Volunteer

This post is a bit lengthy for people who are not interested to help themselves and to offer their hands to others.

The volunteering world is a huge room for everyone. It contains the different lives of people. Indeed, you might find some people who are addicts, thieves, or even a group of them.

But before you say “No” to the Volunteering World ..

Here’s what you need to know ..

There are volunteers who are addicted to their commitment because of their passion to create a positive impact on their communities. Some volunteers turned to thieves because they steal their own hours, ability, or even money just to give back what they gained from their society. Some volunteers joined a group of the abovementioned people in order to strengthen their commitment not only to others but to themselves to become a better person.

Listen, oftentimes being bad to yourself is a sign of good deed. It is oftentimes organizing yourself to become better and to serve others.

Here is “The 3 Significant Things To Become Successful Volunteer”.

1. Burning Desire

This is the same attribute with so-called obsession but in a positive way. You see, emotions drive people. There are a ton of emotions that helped successful people succeed in their own journey. One of them is Desire.

Emotion is the best motivational factor. Only if it directed accordingly. Committing is easy but to finish it until the end requires a great power of desire. You always need to water your plant in order for it to bear fruits.

The same concept applies to us, humans. It requires determination and dedication. In short, your desire should not just a desire but it should burn constantly to meet the end goal.

The second is ..

2. T3 to Showcase

T3 stands for Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Everyone has it. But usually, not balance. Most young people especially young professionals have more time, a bit of talent, and small treasure. On the other hand, adults have more treasure, a bit of talent, and a small amount of time. It varies.

Look, before you enter in a volunteering world, you must know your T3 first. The questions you might ask yourself are:

Am I good at something I can show?
Do I have more treasure to give?
Do I have spare time to share?

Answer these three questions and you will see the clearer view of opportunities that you will have. If you will notice, the first and second of 3 Significant Things are about yourself. It is learning about you more. Thus, it concludes that “Before you give value to others, you must first determine your value, your worth to offer”.

And that leads us to ..

3. The Right Community

That’s correct! After you started your Burning Desire and understand your value, it is the right time to find the right community for you. The volunteering world is not as easy as it may seem. In the future, you will encounter different obstacles that will hinder you from your committed goals.

There are different challenges that will break you into pieces. Everybody needs to grow and while growing, we face failure. Thus, having a support system is essential in this journey. Your backbone will help you to stand and face another opportunity along the way.

This is just a fraction of insightful thoughts we will share in the next following weeks. We hope you find it interesting.

If you are looking for a group of good-hearted volunteers.

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