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The Disturbing Truth About Our Country

Dear friend… 

A long time ago, there’s a video of a foreigner (an American) named Josh who visited our country. 

While he was roaming around the streets of Manila, he was seeing these beautiful vintage houses, the oldest churches, and many historical facts about the Philippines. 

However, despite all the beautiful attractions, he couldn’t help but notice the people around him. 

From time to time, he kept being asked by beggars (teens and children living in the streets) to give them money for their food for the day. 

Until such time, he saw a 7-year-old kid, who has a lot of wounds and scars on his body…he sees sadness on his face. 

So, what he did was, he bought him a Jollibee meal. 

However, the kid doesn’t show interest in the food he bought. 

He could tell it because the kid’s face has never lightened up or even gave him a smile.  

So, he asked the kid… 

“What’s the problem?” 

And the kid just told him that he’ll just wait for his brother to come back. 

And you know what the saddest part of the story?  

There’s a man behind Josh and told him that his brother has just died recently because of a car accident. 

And he couldn’t even accept and believe it. 

He just waits for his brother to come back. 

You see, this kind of scenario is not so surprising for us. 

Because we have the highest crime rate in Asia. 

And the highest crime rates are caused by poverty.

And one of the most disturbing facts about us is that we have the highest rate in terms of people living in the streets. 

These kids living in the streets usually don’t have parents anymore.  

And the example above is just one out of thousands of kids. 

See, there are several charities in the Philippines that are helping these kids in the streets. 

However, some of the foundations couldn’t adopt anymore kids because of, for some reason, lack of funds and small facilities. 

Especially today with the current pandemic. 

But still, we can do something about it. 

We can serve other people even right now during the pandemic. 

We just support these foundations who keep thriving hard to give these kids hope and a better future. 

And you can do that here through AGAPE. 

But it doesn’t mean you necessarily give millions or thousands of pesos… 

No, we can help these kids through our efforts. 

Like for example— through your skills, if you have the skill to help them spread awareness throughout the Philippines. 

Or you can choose to volunteer yourself to cook, clean, or serve them in the facility. 

Or, one of the best, is you can support them through buying the children’s made products which are available online. 

If you want that, the first thing you can do is visit our page AGAPE selfless Unconditional Love Inc and you can start from there.