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The Statistics of Children in the Philippines

Have you been out in the streets lately? 

Have you seen children on the streets not wearing proper clothing – with dirty hands and feet, eating whatever they can on a school day? 

What you see is not even close to the total number of children who’s currently living as the same within the country.

In a research paper released by UNICEF Philippines called the “Situation Analysis of Children in the Philippines,” they have listed down the following statistics:

  1. 31.4% of children within the country does not meet the required amount of their basic needs (2015)
  2. Teenage pregnancy occurs in 59.2 per 1000 females aged 15-19 years old (2013)
  3.  In 2015, the vaccination coverage dropped down to 62% from 89% in 2013.
  4. 33% of children are stunted under 5 years old; 21.5% are malnourished. (2015)
  5. In children aged 5-15, 2.85 million are out of school (2015)

Let us help these statistics be reshaped positively.

 AGAPE  Selfless Unconditional Love, Inc. as a non-government organization:

  • Can provide an activity book to start-off their journey towards education.
  • Reach out to our community partners and help their advocacy
  • Extend the audience of our deeds to heed more love that the children calls for

The children of the Philippines need us.

They need us to provide them the needs that should have been rightfully theirs.

Spare some change and see how the Philippines would change.

Be a part of our help.

Donate to children now through AGAPE  Selfless Unconditional Love, Inc.


UNICEF Philippines