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Top Reasons to Volunteer

During this pandemic wherein most people, students and professionals have plenty of free time (too much, even), some may get bored. Wouldn’t it be perfect to put those free times into good use?

Volunteering is a form of work where an individual can spend labor and time without monetary payment. Most volunteering works are for charity or non-profit organizations that intend to have all their monetary funds allocated for the community or shelter they help.

Here are some awesome benefits of being a volunteer:

1.Meet new people

Make that social circle of yours larger by being in volunteer work. Meet new people that have the same interest as you: making a change.

2. Spend time well

A day spent is a day closer to the afterlife (whenever that is). So, go ahead and do something with purpose. Instead of scrolling through your phone for the latest trend, use it for working for others’ sake.

3. Add a reason to what makes you happy.

Volunteering can make you realize so much, especially once you encounter people that have so much less.

4. Up your experience

Have an experience of working as a volunteer that you can use for your future career.

AGAPE Selfless and Unconditional Love, Inc. offer several voluntary works that you can choose from. You may see more details on what we need by clicking here.