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Two Simple But Crucial Ways Happier People Do That You Probably Don’t

Hey there… 

There are two simple ways happier people do that you probably don’t do. 

It’s so easy and simple but if you do it consistently every day especially when you’re about to sleep or in a relaxed mood. 

You’ll genuinely become happy just like them. 

In fact, these two ways are used by celebrities and World Record Holder like Russell Brand, and Wim HOF the IceMan to be happy and be satisfied with their life. 

What are the two simple ways to be happier? It’s simple:

1) Write down three things a day that you’re grateful for

It’s simple, right? 

But if you do it, you’ll reap your reward.

It doesn’t matter what the list is.

The important thing is all those things on your list are the ones you’re grateful for in your life.  

It’s either money, your family, parents, a home, health, brothers, sisters.  Anything. Anyone. 

By doing this, you’re going to live your life full of gratitude. 

You are going to appreciate all the things in your life even if it’s small…

Which creates a sense of positivity and happiness in your life. 

2) Volunteering

Being able to help someone is one of the simple ways to be happy. 

And even studies show you that volunteering your time at least 2 hours a week can dramatically increase your happiness. 

These two are very simple things to do but can give you a dramatic impact on your life. 

But why are these two effective? 

The answer is easy… 

By doing these two, it may increase your sense of purpose and meaning in your life. 

The number one is easier to do but needs to think and the will to do it consistently. 

And the number 2 is easy either but will need to figure out how you do it and where you do it. 

And if you’re reading this… 

And if you’re thinking of ways to help someone who’s in need during this pandemic and lockdown, you are on the right page. 

AGAPE are helping people especially foundations and charities adopting and helping children who need guidance and help… 

If you want to volunteer or reach your help, you can do that through us especially now that we’re in the middle of a crisis… 

If you want that, simply go to our FB page AGAPE Selfless Unconditional Love, you can message us there. 


Be safe!