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Why Is Valentine’s Day A Great Time to Start Volunteering?

Amazing Story Of A Good Soldier

Valentine’s day has almost arrived. 

You can see a lot of Love birds, Chocolates, the Color Red, Love Songs, and Beautiful flowers. 

Can’t help but be fascinated by how people treat this day as a special day for someone they loved. 

But do you know how and where exactly Valentine’s Day originated from?

And why is this day called a heart’s day? 

To answer that, here’s the story about Valentine’s Day… 

Let’s rewind the clock around 1300 A.D. 

There’s a soldier who loved his country named Valentine— in Rome. 

He’d fight for his country as his life depended on it. He won’t let someone degrade or abuse his country by other countries out there. And he won’t want to see someone get abuse. 

However, as their country keeps getting stronger… 

The Government started to abuse its power. 

They abuse women and their rights, abuse poor people, and… 

What the Government did not allow was… 

People—especially Christianity—are prohibited to get married. 

And because of this, Valentine was upset.

He was against it. 

Because he believes that people should be treated fairly and with respect—whether you’re poor or rich, believe in God or not. 

And he believes that people—who are in a relationship with someone they love— deserve to get married.  

Since Valentine was a believer in it, he helped people to get married.

He’d help people who were getting abuse. 

And he’d conduct a wedding ceremony for those lovers behind the back of its government even though it’s against the law. 

However, when they found out Valentine’s doing… 

Christians including Valentine got massacred and died. (I’m working on my memory but that’s the gist of the story) 

That’s the story. 

And this story goes to show you how Valentine’s day is not only for your loved ones… 

But also it’s a day of helping other people. 

However, as the headline says in this article… 

Why Is Valentine’s Day A Great Time to Start Volunteering? 

The answer is simple. 

See, when Valentine was doing a wedding ceremony, he didn’t think of it as a heart’s day… 

But he thought of it as helping other people. To make other people happy. To make an impact on other people’s lives.

Sure, you want to celebrate with the one you love… great. But… 

Isn’t it the best feeling in the world knowing that you’re with your loved ones and at the same time you’re both able to help other people? 

And that’s a simple reason why this day is a great time to help someone…   

And this is the true essence of Valentine’s day. 

So, if you want to help other people this Valentine’s day and don’t know how and where… 

And if you don’t have a gift for your loved ones… 

You can go here and get these special things we prepare for you below:


P.S. If you get these special things, you’re also helping other people because all of the funds will go to the people and kids who are in need. 

A truism of life—whatever we give out comes back to us, multiplied— Gary Bencivenga