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Vocabulary Enrichment and its Importance

A one-year-old child may already know up to 20 words and must be ready by the age of three to four to start learning more as needed for primary school.

Lessons tend to be fast and usually depend on a teaching plan instead of each child’s development within a class of at least 10. A child must have an enriched vocabulary before starting school for him/her not to get left behind. 

Why bother increasing a child’s vocabulary?

Having a richer level of vocabulary can result in the following:

  1. Excellence in communication
  2. Can write thoughts and opinions well
  3. Improves reading comprehension
  4. Easily express one’s self
  5. Communication to promote occupational success

Ways to Improve Vocabulary

Here are some simple steps that you can do to improve your children’s vocabulary:

  1. Talk to them in the language you want them to learn.
  2. Please do NOT make them base their knowledge on dictionaries.
  3. Use games and fun activities in teaching vocabulary like flashcards and word maps.
  4. READ. Either read to them or make them read by themselves.

The most important thing to remember in effective teaching is that the children will not feel pressure or stress in their learning environment. Let us not take away the joy of a kid’s learning process by instilling hierarchy in the results. 

Each child has their own pace once taught. As parents or guardians to be early educators, the main objective is to know their children’s learning capability and know which teaching process works for them best.


It is hard for children to learn without any assistance from their parents, guardians, or educators. Imagine how difficult it is for children who do not have the privilege to be educated early. 

With this situation in mind, AGAPE Selfless Unconditional Love, Inc. created a donation drive where sponsors can pitch in to buy activity books for marginalized children.

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