AGAPE Charity Events



Blk 85 Lot 3 Kc 33 St Karangalan Village Brgy Manggahan, Pasig City

Volunteer at AGAPE

volunteer in ngo agape

Your token to experience one of the most fulfilling journeys that humans could ever provide. It is a gift that you can receive from sharing a piece of yourself unselfishly. Through the true spirit of giving back, you are making a huge impact to offer the community a more purposeful life.

Why Volunteer in AGAPE?

When one is being motivated by a deep sense of love to others, helping becomes a blessing.

Care To Know The Social Benefits?

  1. It builds a strong personal foundation
  2. It forms a community of people from all walks of life
  3. It creates social awareness
  4. It offers camaraderie and socializing
  5. It defines your own value
  6. It enhances positive attitude and outlook of life
  7. It develops empathy with others
  8. It improves mental,emotional and physical health
  9. It gives more meaning to life
  10. It teaches unconditional love

Volunteer Application

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