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Ever tried volunteering for the sake of your own mental health?

Volunteering is not always equal to being selfless.

People, in general, do certain things to attain results of actions taken.

We mainly have the following steps as part of our daily routine:

  1. Studying to work or the improvement of it.
  2. Working for salaries. 
  3. Spending salaries to feel full. 
  4. Feel full to regain energy. 
  5. Waking up to live another day.

In these five steps of each of our days, where does our mental health come in?

A main factor of the decrease in levels of people’s mental health is isolation or loneliness.

People tend to get SO busy that they forget that time passes by as they wait towards their next paycheck. Time passes by with cold meetings, unending phone calls, bright monitor screens and unending stresses.

This happens so often that we forget about the people around us.

And have the people around us forget us, too.

Volunteering will never make you feel that loneliness that causes damage to mental health.

Bottling emotions and thoughts up can do you no good. 

And who’s the best to tell stories with? Strangers.

Or once-strangers. That’s how friends are made.

Tell the children your stories as they tell theirs.

Inspire or be inspired. We can never tell.

This way you will never be truly alone. Always remember that you will always be in the thoughts and prayers of the beneficiaries that you have helped. 

Volunteering is NEVER about minding your own business.

A volunteering opportunity is like a huge open door towards experiencing the vast sides of life – to see things that are currently behind the wall of your perception;
to feel the warmth of people that often got cold meals;
to hear their dreams that no one listened to;
To make the children flash those bright, innocent smiles whose only wish is for a better future.

And hopefully, the smile that you would soon give through this volunteering opportunity, can bounce back to you.

Message us to join this volunteering opportunity.

With AGAPE Charity Events, you may change lives as we have them change ours.

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