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VOLUNTEERING: Shaping Humanity At Its Best

Article by Mira. Erni Jauldalso.

Have you ever imagined your everyday life like this.  Wake up in the morning. Sleep at night.  Go to work or school the whole week.  Chill out with friends on weekends. Bond with families on Sundays. Travel twice a year. Shop. Wine. Dine. Go to sleep. Wake up the next day.

These are the good stuff, right? The so-called upsides of life.

What about the downsides? Let’s start with the major ones. Calamities. Natural disasters. Loss of a loved one, a job. Accidents. Health issues. Bills. Loans. Then comes the minor struggles. Being single. Peer pressure. Bullying. Body shaming. Identity crisis. Relationships. Breakups.

Oh yes, you survived that. Life continues until you suffered the same fate again.

One day you let out a deeper heave of sigh. Why?

Because, it feels like, your life is a music playlist on repeat.

It goes on and on and on and you already know what to expect.

As what people used to say, Same old, same old. Duh!

Sometimes, the monotony of these everyday stuff about life eats you at the very core of your existence. You come to a point where you question yourself, What else is there to life after all these experiences?

Then, if you cannot find the answers, you finally ask God, who is actually watching you through the livestream of HeavenBook and evaluating your life with thumbs-up, thumbs-down emojis and going tsk…tsk…tsk.

Because, the truth is, all He really wanted, is for you to figure out things for yourself. To continue with the journey and get your life together.

Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you win.

Sometimes, it’s a walk in the park. Sometimes, things go bleh.

Until one day, you finally realized something. As you are busy doing your thing and happily walking on the path, all of a sudden, you hit a huge brick wall.

 What does just happened?

Your whole life story came into a sudden flashback like a previously on Netflix series and you are awakened into a new reality.

Yes, you are given the healthy mind and body to serve a purpose and achieve your dreams. Yes, you are given a heart to share your skills, talents and experiences. You are showered with a sense of determination to do the things you want and be the person you aspire to be. And even if you are not in that position yet still, with faith, the future looks brighter.

 You, as a human, is capable of achieving more if put your minds into it. But are these enough? You come face to face with yourself in the mirror and ask,

How can I use the things I have learned and experienced to become a better version of myself?

Why not try to volunteer?

To give yourself freely. It is not a new thing, a new fad or something. Nor even a new-age concept. Volunteers had been around us for so long now, only in different ways, shapes or forms. We have seen them in various races, nationalities and ethnicities. Millions have signed up in the past for the simple idea of giving oneself for the greater good of all.

What does volunteering means?

Volunteering is an act of offering oneself to help the disadvantaged and underpriviledged. A kind of charity and community service.

Perhaps, the main thing you need to consider is to ask these questions. What’s in it for them? What’s in it for me?

This is a win-win situation for two reasons.

 One, to put yourself in the shoes of other people who are on the receiving end of your selfless devotion. How would they feel about the kind gesture? How can they benefit?How can you help them improve their lives? How to make these people happy? How to help them ease their pains?

Second, to experience it yourself. To volunteer is to find the joy of becoming a better person by sharing what you know, your skills and abilities. By giving something of yourself. By sharing something of value either time, effort or money. Simply because you are passionate about it. In other words, it comes from the heart. It can only be achieved by sharing unconditional love for others.  

Volunteering benefits you in both ways.

 It can help you as an individual.

It can also help the community and the society as a whole.

The cycle of righteousness and abundance continues.

The people feel joyful for receiving help and making them feel a little better, even just for a day or two.  You feel better for helping others as well, because you are sharing your blessings. When people are helped, they find a better reason to live. The kind of help you give doesn’t really matter, as long as it comes from the heart.

Volunteering is not for self-serving purposes.

It’s not for selfish financial gains, not for publicity nor for Insta-fame. It’s not even mainly for the likes and shares. The only aim of social media is to reach for the people’s awareness and encourage others to participate.

To volunteer is to offer selfless love for charitable purposes. It is unconditional. It is inspirational. It is sacred. Only love can cross beyond borders.

Volunteering helps you find your tribe.

Through the concept of volunteering, you can find your tribe or group of people who has the same goals and ideas as you. Those who believe in your capabilities and you believe in them too. People who will help you find your purpose and you help them find theirs too.

You can meet new friends. Have new experiences. Gain new lessons.

You can explore other possibilities and horizons. It can make you go out on your own comfort zone and push yourself to the limit. You can see different places and meet people from all walks of life. Every person has their own story. All you have to do is listen with your heart.

Whatever is your reason for joining, the main goal is for the highest good of all people. For the continuous growth of mankind. For the advancement of humanity.

In A Nutshell

The act of volunteering – through giving and sharing – as much as it brings the best in others, it also brings out the best in you.