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What Is It You Desire Most?

Dear friend…

There’s an ordinary man who’s living an extraordinary life. 

But not because he has a lot of money. 

In fact, he has a minimum wage job. 

He has a small house. And he’s living alone. 

However, despite all that, every day that happens with his life, he’s helping and serving other people.

For example, when he sees an old woman trying to get across the street… he guides her by giving a signal to drivers to stop to let her walk across the street. 

And, when he sees a little girl (a beggar) asking for money for her education, he doesn’t think twice about helping her even though he’s not sure if it’s for education and even though he has almost nothing left. 

And here’s more, he always buys his old neighbor (a 65 years old lady living alone) fruits like an orange or an apple and hangs it on its door. 

You see, this guy is really helpful and a good person. 

However, regardless of what he’s doing, people around him criticize him.

They told him his doing is ridiculous. 

And even asked him “What you’ll get back from all the things you’re doing?”

 And then one night, right after he prayed to God, he thought about all those criticisms. 

And he came up with an answer of why he’s doing those good deeds to other people… 

The real reason why he’s doing it is simple… 

He gets an emotion. 

He feels happy when he sees other people smile at those simple little things he did for them. 

He can sleep at night with relief when he bond with genuine people.

And he’s happy when someone reaches their dreams with the help of his good deeds. 

You see, all those things make him happy.  

He’s not expecting anything from them, but he’s glad doing it.

That’s his happiness. Now… 

What is it you desire the most? 

Is it to have wealth? Money? Health? Help other people? 

Whatever it is, make sure that makes you happy. 

And you, as much as possible, pursue it without worrying about what other people think about you.

Go for it. 

And, eventually, if you can do this, just like the story, we’ll become contented and happy in life. 

That’s all there is to it. 

Speaking of helping other people… 

If you somehow think of ways on how you can help other people but don’t know where and how… 

Or if you somehow (just like the story) feel happy when you help other people… 

You came from the right place. 

We (AGAPE) are helping kids on the foundation with their needs through funds. 

And, if you want to reach your help to them, we have an offer where you also can get exciting things. 

If you want that and if you feel happy helping them, you can simply search above and you can find out from there.