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Why Volunteering is Good for You

Filipinos are known to be resilient people – capable of recovering quickly from difficulties and challenges. Despite the disasters, we can still be seen offering a helping hand with a smile on our faces, living out one of the core essence of Filipino culture – Bayanihan.

Even as the pandemic urged everyone to keep their distance for safety reasons, this did not stop the bayanihan spirit of the people. If anything, it amplified the need for service and volunteerism.

People volunteer mainly because of one thing – we want to help. Volunteers go out of their way to offer their time, talent, or treasure to make a change and promote their advocacy, one person at a time.

When you volunteer, you are not usually asking for anything in return. However, volunteering can be more beneficial to you than you think.

Here are some reasons why volunteering is good for you.

You can:

  1. Improve your skillset or even learn a new one
  2. Find more job opportunities
  3. Widen your connections and meet new people
  4. Be part of a community with the same advocacy
  5. Improve your self-esteem
  6. Find a sense of purpose

But I am too busy…

Maybe you are a young professional busy and preoccupied with work almost 24/7. Or maybe you are a parent and your hands are already full with the housework and child care. Perhaps you’re a student barely keeping up with class and the never-ending requirements.

With all that is going on in your life, is it still possible to add more to your plate and volunteer? Yes.

It is possible (and rewarding) to fit volunteering in your life, despite the busy schedule. You can find a remote volunteer opportunity. There are several organizations that are looking for virtual volunteers, especially at this time of the pandemic.

If you really don’t have the time, it is still possible to help by donating or volunteering your treasure wherein you can give monetary donations to charities or organizations of your choice.

Ready to start volunteering? Start with Agape!

If you are passionate about children especially those who are abandoned in different shelters in the Philippines, you can be part of Agape where we facilitate outreach programs and fund-raising projects to support the educational and daily needs of these children.

Apply as a volunteer here.
Find out how you can donate here.